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Jun 25, 2008
Can anyone clarify for me whether the phone only business is all day every day this week? Does that include tonight's aquamarine special and the opal/tourmaline special on (I think) Thursday evening? I've got a birthday voucher to spend, but at this rate I'm not going to be able to spend it on anything :-(

Rocks & Co - 3pm tomorrow? It's a date.
Hi Pimms,

Yes, I'm afraid so, absolutely everything by phone, all day and all week. A right pain because if you want to make a bona fide order, items have often sold before the computer even picks up your call. Annoying when you just know in your heart that not everyone wanted it. A number of my friends who I sent their way were very unhappy bunnies last night and it was only Monday.

I wish you luck as its bad already, and only gets worse as it gets later. If you are going to be out, perhaps you could ask somebody to put your maximim bid in for you.

Thanks Argey,

I'll be in, but in a fairly busy family of four I don't have a monopoly on using the phone (especially in the evening), and I certainly can't tell the whole world not to phone the house all week just in case I want to make a call!

I bought such lovely, lovely things from Gems over the past two years (and have spent a good deal of money with them, too). I'm going to take a serious look at Coloured Rocks now.

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do you think the next step with be to put up the charge of the phone lines so they are making more money it does not cost anything to web bid i wonder :33:
To be fair...........I think not!

Hiya Pimms

Having not watched Gems at all yesterday until later in the evening, I too didn't realise that no web bidding is being allowed this week on any TV games! The video clip re. these £1 games seemed to imply this was only relevant for them.

I saw a very pretty black spinel / silver ring being sold by Lynn, clicked Buy Now and the message came up saying it was a Special TV Game and you could only buy using a phone. :12: It was a toss up whether to dash and get a payment card or dash to get a I decided to do neither. I wondered if this was just because it was a clearance hour - but apparently not.

Gems seem to be more hindrance than help when it comes to spending our hard earned readies with them...........

......or are they just strapped for cash and need buyers to pay immediately rather than keep items unpaid for in their baskets??? :33:
Hi Sacha,

I suspect its just utter incompetence and unprofessionalism (phwaw - that was hard to get down).

If you use premium delivery service they can hold the order for ten days, during which you can take things off your order if you so wish. I discovered this because I need to know when the delivery is coming, so that I can ask my carer to be here for the morning , in case I am unable to get to the door when it comes. It only costs £1 extra and is well worth it for the convenience. I can usually work it so that I only have one delivery a month - albeit sometimes one or two separate orders.

Actually this point may be of interest to any of you out there who don't already know this.

Such a shame, this company does still maintain a few excellent points, which are being watered down by the new and bad points.

indeed Argey.
I guess many of us were lucky to be customers of GTV in their heyday. It was a thoroughly enjoyable buying experience and many of us ended up with rather alot of items over the first 3 years.
I withdrew from purchasing from GTV this time last year thru necessity, but even now I am back in employment, I have not been drawn back apart from popping something in my basket once which was removed a day or two later. Once the commercial edginess and slightly off-hand approach crept in, that was it for me as I enjoy a more flexible experience in my mail order purchasing generally.
The advent of the internet should make buying easier not harder, and indeed I've just purchased something from the Rocks & Co site purely to see how it went. There was a slight problem but it was immediately sorted out and they even called me back to make sure it was all ok.

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