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Jun 24, 2008
has anyone tried the philsophy pomegranite, if so whats it like please, thank you
not tried the body butters have got it on cheque hold, does sound nice. thanks
My set arrived this morning just as it was being shown on QVC (very strange...) but anyway I've just tried it and it's soooooooooo nice.

It doesn't smell overly like pomegranate to me but it is very fruity almost like cherry lemonade with a hint of sherbert... gorgeous:)

The shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath is quite thick which is good so I don't end up dropping it everywhere in the shower as I do with my others!! It's also in bigger sizes than i was imagining - but then again I've never tried any philosophy before.

Definately recommended IMO :D
thank you cant wait to get it know, dont really need it but coundt resist i am a succer for shower gels.:)

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