Philosophy vs Botox. Guess who wins?


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Jun 24, 2008
an aquaintance of mine, very attractive middle aged single woman, QVC fan but not familiar with (hopefully) has been insisting to the world for the last few years that her immaculate complexion is all down to Philosophy.

i even tuned into a couple of philosophy shows to check it out.... despite being a homo in his erm... middle years (but with FABULOUS skin i might add!) i resisted. thank god.

because yesterday, after a few bottles of pinot grigio, the truth finally emerged.

yes, bertie botox has been paying a visit.

the lying cow.
apparently she does jabba... but with a face full of the big 'B' does it really make any difference? she may as well be using lard.

Bit norty to be hyping the Philosophy.

AY does exactly the same thing though - claiming you can get literally, miraculous results from a lotion or potion if you apply it to your actual skin ... and we've all fallen for it at one time or another. Me, I've stopped using anti-aging stuff and moved on to natural stuff. Will probably be as wrinkled as an old shoe in a few years (I'm 40 at the moment) but at least my complexion will be nice (I hope!)! :tongue2:

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