Philosophy Vitamin C Powder


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Jun 26, 2008
Does anyone else use this? I've got a bottle but don't know how to use it (lost leaflet), how much to use, what to mix it in and what order to put it on the skin.

Could anyone help me please? Thanks

I have extremely sensitive skin and this powder caused my face to become red and raw. I sent it back. I think you mix it with the micro delivery peel, I can't quite remember. I got it in a tsv, and you mixed it with the small pot of liquid product included.
You mix it with either a serum or moisturiser - half a tiny scoop if I remember rightly (haven't used it for a while). I found it most effective with the philosophy serum but have used it with lots of other moisturisers too!


Em xXx
You mix a scoop into your day cream or serum.

Just got that off another site, they say that vitamin c diminishes in cream after a while so by adding it to your normal cream it keeps it fresh.

Louise66 think you are thinking of the micro delivery system rather than the powder.

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