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Jul 2, 2008
Have just used up my Liz Earle C and P and thought I'd have a change and bought some Purity cleanser from Philosophy. The Purity seems to make my skin feel dry so I have to smother it with L.E's moisturiser. On the directions it also says it's a good three in one cleanser and can take off eye make up too. At the bottom it says keep away from eye area. Please put me right folks.
When I used to use this - and I have combi/dry/sensitive skin - I used to take ALL my make-up off with it, inc. the eye make-up. Never had any problems.

I have been reading on the boards that alot of US folks aren't happy with Purity - it's gone quite runny over there and drying people's skins out. Hope they haven't changed the formula here too. Eitehr way, it sounds like it's not for you if it's drying your skin out. I'd take a break and try something else, then try the Purity again to see if it is that that's causing the problems.
I used Purity some time ago and didn't like it for similar reasons, i found it also irritated my eyes and didn't get mascara off properly. I have used C&P before and in my opinion i think that is better, although i don't use that anymore either, as i was going through it like no-ones business!
Yes Philosophy has been sold, earlier this year. Lots of people complaining about the products dumping down already. I could never use Purity for some reason broke me out, I have mild roseaca and can use Elemis and Peter Thomas Roth cleansers OK.
I've been using Purity for about 6 weeks, having previously used C&P. It shifts all my make-up, including copious amounts of mascara and doesn't irritate my eyes. It drys my skin a little and tastes vile, if you accidently get it in your mouth. I imagine it would be a good choice for someone who has oilier skin than mine. Even though I haven't had any bad reactions to it I'll go back to C&P when the Purity is finished.
Well,I've tried Purity & never had any probs with it except I'm just not that crazy about it,for some reason.
I much prefer C&P which I love the texture of & also the smell.In fact,I love everything about C&P & have,since day one.It removes every scrap of makeup including,like Calvin,copious amounts of mascara :1:
I found that it really irritated my eyes even if I wasn't too close to the eye either made the mistake of trying to take my eye make up once and it made my eyes very sore so if you have sensitive eyes I wouldn't but yes it made my skin feel dry after using it and I've got quite an oily t-zone its not for me I stick to LE now I only tried it because it was in a TSV
I use purity to remove all of my make up. I mix it with a little water if i'm only wearing light make up. If i'm wearing heavier make up, I use it dry first, then rinse off. It works more quickly that way. I have combination skin and it never dries my skin out. I used c&p before I tried purity but had to stop using it on my eyes as it makes them puffy for days afterwards, far too heavy for me.
I have never used Purity and the twee messages on the bottles put me off buying. How much of the cost goes on the pictures and verse?

It's a bit worrying that it says can be used to remove all make up then goes on to say avoid the eye area...
I use Purity, including around the eye area. I think it is harsher than C&P, but it's ok on my slightly combination skin. I prefer C&P, but I have to keep using Purity, since it always seems to be included in any Philosophy set I ever buy and I never seem to run out!
I dont rate Purity either, my skin is extremely dry and I was constantly having to slap on moisturiser after using it. Straight into the back of the bin I'm afraid :fume::fume:
i am not a huge fan of purity - actually gave up on philosophy tsvs as it is always included (and i am pretty sure it is a sneaky way of bumping up "sales" figures for the product)...but what i did find is that once you have used it for a few times, the skin kind of normalises to originally it feels dry and that none of your products in your regular routine will work, but after a few days, everything has slotted back into place...but it does not work if you break the routine, so my advice is either stick with it for a few days, or do not use it at all as you'll end up chopping and changing too much...
I've been using Purity as it came with a TSV so I thought I'd give it a go. I do prefer C&P though. I use Purity with my LE cloth and find it takes off my make up fine.
i have tried both and i dont recommend either if you have very sensitive skin or eyes. i think purity smells very bad and made my skin very red and sore and i do not have sensitive skin. i now use a'kin rose & geranium cleanser and that is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used around the eye area. it is also very economical as you get 225ml for 12.99
so glad i am not the only one having trouble with purity this product does leave my skin dry and the microdelivery wash is far too harsh for daily use i find it leaves my skin tight and sore.i am afraid i wont be buying anymore facial products from them but i do love there perfumes.
i love my purity & so does my hubbu now too.......i take off estee lauders behond long mascara with it........its clientele soya wash that says keep away from yes & boy do you ever need too.......feels like your brain is boiling........however her peptide wash is great...were both old fogeys with crumpled dried up skin.....[ not ali K type though ] & the purity does OK & our kids call & they always on the scrouge for a pump or 3 in a bottle...........weve run out mum & know you & dad will have some......
Purity was great for me for getting rid of the whiteheads that I was plagued with for a time because it contains salicylic acid however it dried my skin out too so I don't use it anymore.

I have used LE C&P for years and continue to do so however every other day or so I use Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub (£4.99 a tube from Boots). This too contains salicylic acid and keeps the whiteheads at bay.

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