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Jun 24, 2008

Just had a look at the TV Guide and it looks like there is a Philosophy Mini Series at the end of June.

25/06 - 10pm - Introduction to Philosophy (2 hour show)
26/06 - 11pm - Problem Solvers with Philosophy
27/06 - 11pm - Treat Yourself with Philosophy
28/06 - 11pm - Serious Skincare with Philosophy
I know what you mean fairynuff. Maybe QVC don't think that Philosophy is worthy of an earlier "prime time" slot anymore and I for one tend to agree.
There is liable to be OTOs each night it is on as it is the last show.
problem solvers, skincare, just sounds like more and more hope in a jar and skin care routines, why of why cant philosophy do more of the yummy stuff on qvc in the bath ranges I am sick to death of skincare by the bucket load. tiddly bottles for a fortune. bring back the shower gels, bath products etc
I think they scored an own goal when they sacked ....sorry, senior moment, the name has gone, but you know who I mean..

He used to look out for special offers for us and large sizes, but this Robin woman is an automaton who just sells what they want her to, and probably is on big bucks for coming to UK every month.

I had the litre size of body lotion and a huge face wash, and think they must have lasted nearly a year. nothing like that around anymore. shop in Boots now. much cheaper.

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