Philosophy Auto-delivery (from Way back!)


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Jun 25, 2008
Just chcked my credit card online and it's showing a pending transaction of £40.73 which I presumed would be the lastest AD of the Last Philosophy kit that was available on AD. However, I've gone into my QVC account to see that it is actually the one before that is in process (£40.73 inc p&p - 6 Piece Radiance Colelction) but this would be delivery no.7 when I thought it was supposed to only be 6!

Anyone shed any light???! Mind you, I'll keep it if it is as mum's short of Supernatural, I could do with a couple of bits and will ebay the rest!

Em xxx
Crikey, I'm the same! I thought it had ended as well, however mine is 'in process' on my account.

I will keep it as it is worth it just for the microdelivery peel and the neck cream, however I have recently bought a huge size of purity - so will be drowning in that!

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