Philip Kingsley TSV 26/05/24


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I would like to tell a true story about Philip Kingsley although I never met him myself. A few years ago now, my cousin was told she had cancer and the treatment would make her lose her beautiful long dark brown hair. She, looking for help, wrote to Philip Kingsley for advice. His answer was to invite her to London, she lived in Devon, paid her expenses and including a hotel stay, she went to his salon and her hair was styled , he had personalised wig made of real hair including some of her own. He took her out to lunch and wished her well for the future. sadly, my dear cousin did not make it and passed away within a year but what that man did for her was priceless xxxx
Beautiful story
I use a shampoo bar to wash it out, no conditioner afterwards. My hair is straight, fine but lots of it.
Use it once a week and I love it.
I buy the PK kits for dry curly hair when they do specials its the Moisture Extreme and its the only products that make a difference

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