Phew!! Thought it was Glen's Mrs !!!


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Jun 24, 2008
SC Fashions by Sara Campbell • Friday 19 Jun • 5pm
Step out in confidence with this fresh new fashion line from Sara Campbell. SC comprises clean lines, gorgeous fabrics and a twist of the unique. Expect all the staples with a touch of individuality.
Pretty range, sadly I have neither the height nor the figure nowadays (well the figure, I've always been short! lol) to carry off that cute vintage look! :(
Couple of dresses on her site the DDs would go slightly barmy for though, I'm certain!
Wonder what the QVC range will be like?
seriously nice clothes, love the dresses, alas i have neither the figure or money, but nice to see some new ranges arriving in qvc

hope they don't polyester them down

i suppose the buyers of lulu guinness bags might go for this range :33:
Oh yet another designer from across the pond to add to Nina Leonard, George Simonton, Kim & Co, Indigo Moon, Attitudes by Rene, Carole Hochman, Quacker Factory, Nolan Miller, Dreamkeeper, Dennis Basso, Dolce Cabo,Susan Graver, Beth Terell, Bob Mackie.

Not exactly giving British fashion designers a bite of the apple are we QVC ?

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