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Naughty girl Sazz!! :SUE: Ime the ps team are fab, Ashley, Anita and Jim are all very helpful and Ashley is very proactive in contacting me if she spots something I might be interested in. It's sod's law that I can't get hold of anyone today when I've seen something but missed it. :rolleyes: :pPC:
Sue I know it's risky but can you request the item to be aired again via the studio's email?
I tried that Meesh and Sarah Lou did say on air that they had no more available, but I don't know if she meant no more in the studio or no more as in sold out, so I thought I'd try ps. :pPC:.
I have a feeling it's probably no more as it was in clearance Meesh. Heyho my cc is safe.....for a while. :13: :pPC:
It has happened to me before that something was apparently sold out but then became available again through PS - I'm guessing that perhaps the original purchaser bought online and didn't check out their basket. Definitely worth checking with PS on Monday, PPS.

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