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Jun 30, 2008
In my own world. It's very nice
Hello everyone

I'm after your help please - & being a newbie to I'd rather ask you first than them lol

I was wondering how the personal shopper thing works, I was hoping it was an email thing but I've seen its just phone contact.
I understand that they can find you specific jewellery (I'm looking for a particular gem), and that they tell you a price - but do they guarantee the price for a certain time period?? Or do they make you commit to buy on the phone??
I'm hoping to be able to make some suggestions to him indoors for my crimbo present but I dunno when he would buy them!!

Any help/advice you can give would be great
Thank you
Hi Pepsi, the quickest option is to dial in and press option 4 and the ps will find you pieces that are the nearest match to what you are looking for and will give you the item code. If you use this link and delete the item code UZE0537 you can put the code in that you are given and have a look at it. As for price, well that's always been a matter of hot debate on here as they are supposed to sell it at the last price it was aired at and sold for, but ps prices are usually much higher and that puts most of us off. :rolleyes: :pPC:
I phoned em
Unfortunatley they only had items that hadn't been on air yet (& that were in the shop)so no joy for me :cry:
I will probably phone them again in a few weeks

The very helpful operator did confirm that they offer the last auction price though........:halo:
I've just caught up with this thread. You can also contact the personal shopper by e-mail at [email protected] and they will e-mail you back with links to products that might be suitable for you. You need to contact them by 'phone to place the order, though.
Thanks for the info MissMagpie

I had found an e-mail address on their website but it was incorrect so it was really good to get another e-mail address to try.
I sent my e-mail to them on the 17th and am currently waiting for their reply
As a newbie to this it would be nice to be able to experience the delights of the personal shopper though ( :rofl: ) rather than a deafening silence

I guess they make money out of the phonecalls tho.........

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