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Jun 24, 2008
I have been watching bid tv tonight and OMG what have they done now. At the start of the item only the now at triangle and description bar loads. About half way through the product they bring back the quantity which now says percent left and only goes down once every 5 people buy on ceretain items and by 1 on other items.

The graphics look so bare now I hope this is a short run thing.

From what I have seen tonight more people buy once they see how much quantity sorry percent is left. The funny thing is the percent is just like the normal quanity.

Just when you couldnt think the presentation of bid tv could get any worse it does.
OMG, this is the worst thing to happen to bid tv since Paul Weedon left.
Looks like this was a very small trial its back to normal now. Michael seemed to be pleased to see the quantity left back.
Watched channel just for him Ian because he was funny and entertaining very rarely even look at it now.
That’s actually really bad, supposing a product had a start price of £100, you drop in early at £99 and the price-locks as you are the only one in the drop! I would not be happy!
Tonight they used the percent left in a different way whilst selling the Marie Curie charity watch they switched from quantity of 200 ish to the percent left of about 41% if they use it in this way in the future I think it might work well.

Last night though just looked poor as the percent left was the same as the normal quanity. So looks like someones been busy today finishing off this new feature.
They are now doing a quantity sold then 1/2 way through bringing back the quantity left. It's in a horrible mustard yellow colour!

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