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May 20, 2009
the prices of IW's ped egg sets are crazy. Even a well known high street shop is cheaper.
But there is a shop in my high street that sells them for £1.99 and the set with the battery file etc for £7.99.
IW's normal price is obviously exaggerated to make you think your getting a good buy as there discount price is still dearer than the high street.
To be fair the ones you have seen for £1.99 & £7.99 are fakes, ive seen them too on sale in Skegness, but if they work just as good then thats ok
I got one out of Boots for about £5 (or was it £7?). Anyway, It's okay but not great. Apparently you need to be careful so as not to shred your feets to bits. I actually prefer my Scholl foot file - seems more effective.
There are street vendors in Sheffield sell them for 99p,they look to be in the proper packaging.
I've got one off ebay and with P and P it was still less than a fiver.

Can't say i'm that happy with it - it has a handle on it, but the thing that fits over the end that holds the scrapings, isn't tight. It slips off :(

I'm wondering if I have a fake, reading what someone's posted above :(

(Deanos - fakes DO matter, even if they work well, because they are people capitalising in on a Business Trademark/Brand which someone else has worked really hard to build! would you like it if you developed something only to have someone else sell under your name?)

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