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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
Oops, she did it again....

Again, a couple of returns:

Meesh warned me about this one, but PQ was willful and naughty and ordered it anyway! It's too long for me - and a lot less chunky than I expected. Still very pretty, with beautiful pearls, but pales into insignificance beside my other CR bracelets, so I've sent it back.

Stunning stunning necklace - wouldn't have been in the least surprised by a £60-£70 price tag, fabulous workmanship and gorgeous pearls. But it's another one I just don't think suits me, I must learn not to go for things that combine choker style with chunkiness, I can't carry them off! This was such a steal it was hard to package it up to go this morning!

And now the goodies!

This was nearly a return, but a look at it in lower lighting sold it as I love the way the chain bits twinkle in the spots.


Love this one, just my colours and a perfect size/quantity of stones for my taste. Fantastic, no way it was going anywhere!


Really impressed with the pretty flower cut green amethyst. But completely blown away by the Hollywood glamour of the Swiss Blue Topaz! I nearly didn't order it as I thought it was a bit too simple a design - fool!


This is soooooo pretty and feminine, but has a huge look at the same time. Love the amazing articulation of every petal, this is just beautiful.


OMG the size, look and weight of this one! It's absolutely fantastic (not for the larger wrist though, I'm tiny and it's a perfect fit for me). I'd been requesting this one for ages, and finally my wish was granted. I absolutely adore it, can't praise it highly enough. Mind you, it's a bit grubby looking, I think I need to get the old silver cloth to it!

Loving this way of shopping, just hope my CC can stand it - that awful PQ has already started an order this weekend!!!
Yet another marvellous selection Anne. The topaz is particularly stunning- simple, yet it just shouts class.
WOW fab pieces. I don't know which I like best though as they're all so nice. From the pic it does look as though the pearl necklace isn't quite you but the way you carry off those chunkier drop ones is FAB!! I love them on you but don't think I suit the chunkier ones which really p's me off!! The rings are lovely particularly the BT it's a stunner. As for the bracelets WOW WOW WOW - GORGEOUS!! Great taste your Highness :)
Lovely pieces and excellent photos, Anne!

I think Rocks must've been created especially for you because you carry off those statement piece sooo well and they look stunning on you!
Oooh I've got that pearl and MOP necklace coming. I really like that first bracelet, shame it wasn't to your liking, but I can see that the big chunky one is much more impressive! well done! :D
Fab haul there hun, sorry some have to go back but the ones you are keeping are gorge, thanks for posting the piccies :D
:) i love them all to especially the green amethyst ring and i like the purple pearl braclet i have the necklace that matches that so i may look out for that one cause i need the longer length so may do for me.Enjoy your haul hun

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