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AKA Slinkychops
Jun 24, 2008
Jersey, Channel Islands
:happy: my hubbie's eyes are popping out of his head watching the model on the AVA Lover shape wear, good grief not sure if this is shape wear or bedroom wear, that models bum is very visible and well she has some knockers on her...:wonder: think I might turn over! He normally can't stand shopping TV!
I flicked past it last night whilst on my way to C&C - my OH shouted out "What was that" with sudden interest!
We spent the next half hour happily watching Natasha and her womanly bits adorning our screens - me for the fashion, him for, well, whatever gives a man of a certain age enjoyment :grin: He couldn't get over the fact that someone was using an actual 'woman' for fashion instead of, in his words "a stick insect with a vest on"

Well done I/W, I think you've gained a new veiwer! :grin:
Yes at long last a real woman QVC could for once learn from I.W
While I am to old now in my youth I would have loved to find these for the larger lady.

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