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Jun 29, 2008
I see he's wearing black this evening. Someone must have told him that it's slimming...
Were you eating a lettuce? i was doing the weekly cake shop and KAPPOW there he was cookin up a storm in the trolley i approached, he hid behind his Tefal Actifry (to be honest, i could still see him round the sides) and no matter how loud i called him, he refused to come out..his loss :emo: I only wanted his autograph to flog on ebay ;)
I really like watching Paul I always watch IW if I know he is on. I think he comes across as genuine and really down to earth.
He's been wearing the black outfit all week, he's got it on now.

He's just been showing how strong the tempered glass lid is by smacking it with a hammer, guess what? - yes, it cracked! fair dos to the cameraman, I've never seen the shot* change so fast :movie:

*that wasn't a typo
He's wearing 21st Century Tupperware underneath that chef's outfit. It doesn't lift or seperate, but it keeps what he's got fresh...;)

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