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Witchy woman...
Jun 24, 2008
Cloud Cuckoo Land.
As all I seem to have done lately is moan about various aspects of gems I thought I'd give credit where it's due. After kissing a lot of Patroke frogs, my Prince has finally arrived.
I bought this at a better price than I expected and it is just gorgeous. I've bought it with my eyes wide open, it may fade and it's a lot of money but it is a beautiful blend of pinks and lilacs that I couldn't resist. The setting is perfect, the colour is strong and I'm thrilled to bits. Nice one Gems.
WOW BC that is a cracker! Absolutely gorgeous. Well done for persevering and getting what you want. Hope you have loads of good times wearing it. :Applause:
That's gorgeous BC, well done you, a nice sizeable stone too. I'm going to do a feel good thread as well, as I feel quite sad about the events that are unfolding.
Soz BC it seems to be me starting all the moaning threads just lately!

Lovely lovely ring hun. Will you be wearing it to the triple wedding?
I'm glad you finally found your Prince BC. It sounds as though it was well worth the wait, especially getting it at a better price than expected. I have the same ring - it's beautiful. Enjoy it hon and with a bit of luck it won't fade at all - fingers crossed! P.S. Mine only comes out at night!
Gorgeous BC
.... kept that one quiet didn't you!

I've had the same one in & out of my basket for a couple of weeks .... undecided.
It was on the Limited Time Web offers at £399 wasn't it?

I didn't want to spend quite that much but then it was listed on the web games
for FB of £330 or BIN £345 ... but then I wondered why it was cheaper!!
Could they be slightly less quality/colour saturation than the £399 ones?
So I still haven't checked it out!
But having read your review I think I will now ... thanks BC!

Lyn, they've got 4 of the same design on the web at the moment! Maybe they're new stock?
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Thanks hun x
Will PM you later (you too Jo! x) sorry for the delay ... having trouble getting on my PC recently

it's become some sort of music production/editing/CDburning/myspace 'tool' thanks to my son & his band ....
Oi you lot
... use your bludy own!

I just have to grab a few minutes as & when I can get near it!
Well done BC

Time and effort has paid off and you've now found your true 'prince'.
Its a beautiful ring BC and I'm sure you will get a lot of enjoyment from it.
Hopefully at some point we will see a nice piccy of all its lovely colours.

While I'm at it, and I'm sure that lovely BC won't mind me highjacking her thread for a mo......

.........but I'd just like to thank all the great folks on this forum who sent me lovely birthday greetings yesterday.

to you all​

Sacha xx
Thank you all for your kind comments.

Gems can still pull the rabbit out of the hat
and all the website gremlins etc are worth it when you find a special piece.

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