Paraiba Tourmaline valuation


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Jun 26, 2008
I received my safegaurd valuation back for my PT ring today.
I paid 330.00 for it and the valuation came back at 880.00 so I am quite chuffed with that.:)

I'd love to get some more bits valued but it would cost more than a few new rings:rolleyes:
That's a result Glitzy, and the couple of pieces I've had valued I felt were realstic valuations not some fantastic sum that couldn't possibly be true. Safeguard are expensive, but at least you know they're reputable, with no axe to grind against shopping TV channels, and you get two copies of the valuation, as a lot of insurance companies will only accept an original not a photocopy.
Glitzy can you remind us which ring it was? Post the code and one of us will see to it if you need help.

Sounds a very comforting valuation, you must be very pleased. :)
That's a very pretty ring Glitzy and a great valuation. :)

P.S. I have 2 5ct+ PTs for sale, if interested please PM me. Apologies for mentioning them in your thread Glitzy, I hope you don't mind hon. :eek:
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I bet you were really chuffed when you got back your valuation. It's a lovely ring Glitzy and the colour looks really pretty in the link. Enjoy wearing it.

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