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Jun 24, 2008
Sunny Shropshire
I see that it's another nail in IW's coffin.
Palson products are now going to be sold by QVC.

I have had the Rodeo grill for some time, and it works a dream, must be one of the best buys from IW.
I think that suppliers are getting wising up to Ideal World's appalling customer service which MUST eventually reflect back on to them as suppliers, and can't be good for business and reputation.
i dont know how the prices compare but here is what i have found so far

Palson American 2000w Grill with Temperature Control

Palson Power Mix 600w Hand Blender with Accessories

Palson Risotto 750w Rice Cooker & Food Steamer with Accessories

Palson Techno 2000w Induction Hob with Timer Control & Auto Switch Off
I must be honest and say I have bought Palson products from else where and find them really good to use. Some of the items are a bit too big for my small kitchen so I don't bother with those. The Induction Hob is excellent and really comes into it's own.

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