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I watched one of the presentations late last night.

If Shaun was demonstrating how messy using a normal roller was why wasn't he wearing overalls? He ended up covered in paint bless him
I had to laugh when I caught it earlier.

this is no BETAMAX system he's a VHS system!! :6:

Someone ought to point out to him that although BETAMAX is no longer, it was a way superior system to VHS :8:

The presenter said maybe he should update his analogy to DVD and I'm inclined to agree....DVD and Blueray. :18:
Saw these paint runner systems on the Fantasy Island market today for £8 !
I use mine all the time I live in a cottage where every wall is white and I find it brilliant I don't have to get covers out to do any retouching just fill it up and go ahead.
These have come in very handy for me

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