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I totally agree with you, the postage is outlandish. What I particularly dont like is when you get like a fiver saving on an item and then a fiver postage, so for the same money but you wait 6 weeks for the priveledge of your goods turning up. Paul Lavers used to always state the price including the p&p which I always liked.
I don't mind £5.95p on large products, but small ones should be a lot less.

QVC charged £4.45 for a small package and it was delivered by the postman.

I think Shopping TV should include the postage in the total price and not charge for postage as a separate cost.

It's a way of sneaking up the cost.
How in the world do Ideal World get away with charging £5.95 for 1 item of clothing, when they first started on air they only charged £2.95. Would you pay £5.95? I certainly wouldn't. :blush:

It would not be too bad if you got the goods within a few days instead of 30 days!!

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