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Jul 1, 2008
Well.... had my first visit today - bit a mixed response really!

On the positive side - I went there to see if they had a feather bed for my mum... found a NN baffle box one worth £97 which was labelled at £40... I though that sounded a bargain until I took it to the till............. £24 odd!!!!!!
Wowee!!!! :53:

Other than that, it was more like a jumble sale!! However, they DID have some good Cooks Essentials pans, etc, plenty of craft items & shoes/boots.

I'm glad I went (not just for my bargain!) because I was actually able to see just what a load of tat QVC actually sells!!! There were soooo many gadgets there that I have been tempted by, in the past, but in the flesh were AWFUL!!!! It really will make me think twice before I impulse buy, in the future!! :33:

Oh yeah... and I found some silicone bakerware that had obviously been used several times before being send back - all covered in burnt carbon deposits!!!
YUK!!!!! :11:

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