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Jun 24, 2008
She's just gone full length off the step modeling Nina Leonard Item Number143952.
She's come back on like a trooper and seems fine.

Ooh no, poor Sharon - she's a tall lady to go full-length splat (so lots of her to make contact with the ground!) & an awful lot slimmer than me, so nowhere near as well padded or protected when she lands!
Hope she's not too bruised & bashed, horrible if anyone falls but Sharon's one of my favs I have to say!
I saw this too - poor Sharon, handled it so well though. Hope she's not injured or anything, seemed ok afterwards, and was able to joke about it with Lenny and Debbie. She's such an elegant and classy lady!
For those who missed it you can see 5pm show video until tonight at midnight - Item Number 143952.

Aw - poor girl!

Fancy them leaving it on for people to see.......yes, I DID look :tongue2:

Lucky not to break an ankle or wrist.

Hope she's okay - I am very prone to falling over in public, very embarrasing, not to mention painful.
Despite the item description obscuring it somewhat, looks like she may have caught a toe or heel of her shoe on the beading of the second step, which of course would've stopped her instantly in her tracks & pitched her forward like that! Poor Sharon! :(
glad to see that it did not get in the way of them flogging those vile outfits!
got to keep on selling
was disgusted they could have cut away from the poor woman while she got off the floor:sad:
I thought Sharon actually fell quite gracefully. When I fell recently I went down like a sack of spuds, hope she didnt cause herself as much damage though.

Sharon is lovely and graceful and reminds me of the couture house models of the 1940's. I love the way she put her own slant on some of the awful clothes she has to wear making them almost glamorous most of the time.

Even Sharon had to laugh when Debbie said, well, your fine, your fired but your fine. She then gave her a squeeze and a kiss on her head. I think the cameraperson didnt really know where to look as both Lenny and Debbie ran over to help her so if would have been looking at empty seats with a commotion going on in the studio leaving viewers hanging. Hope she is OK - its a real shock to the system finding yourself suddenly face down on the floor.:56:

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again!! I like Sharon :flower::flower:
I watched it back tooI admit.

I must comment that Lenny(?) was over to Sharon like a whippet, whilst Debbie was quite slow.
When Debbie did eventually dander over at her leisure, she did make a big production of helping poor Sharon up and kissing her etc etc
Lol :eek: Sorry but had to laugh at Debbie's cheery 'ooh Sharon's just fallen over' :13: Poor girl. Mind you that stupid exagerrated walk in those heels was an accident just waiting to happen..... :pPC:
Poor Sharon :flower::flower:, its a shock to the system when you fall your full length like that. I don't know why they have those steps, it must be difficult to watch where you are walking whilst having to watch the floor director/monitor for directions.

Hope she put it in the accident book.

****** hell! poor Sharon-I always look at those flaming steps and wonder when that's going to happen. Pity it hadn't been one of the idiot scenery designers :(
I noticed that Goody appeared a few minutes later in the outfit Sharon had been modelling.........did Sharon come back on at all after that as I dont remember seeing her?

When talll leggy models fall, they remind me somewhat of Bambi trying to keep his feet in the movie - slender limbs all directions! They are so fragile looking that you feel they must do themself a mischief!

Sharon is cool!
Even splayed out on the floor she manages to make Nina Leonard's tat look good.


She is a model to the bitter end.:flower:

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