OOps ive done it again....


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Jun 24, 2008
Ive been after some Kunzite for ages and hubby said he'd treat me so what do you think ?ive tried to get a good a pic as i can....im used to strong colours andthis is very delicate in tones but rather pretty....
plus some pink tourmaline earrings theseare lovely ..i always get opals as its my birthstone and thisis my first tourmaline...


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It's lovely Marie, you can see that it's PINK, IYKWIM! :4: The earrings look pretty too.

Just been to get the washing in hope these pics a bit clearer


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Very pretty pieces Marie :) I love kunzite, such a delicate, feminine stone. Enjoy wearing those pretties x
very pretty Marie i have a kunzite from the dark side and i dont think mine has that much colour so I'd say its a good one I usually have more colourful gems but wear mine in the summer quite a bit as i think the sunshine helps bring out its subtle tones and i think the earrings are lovely enjoy your new gems xx
Ps like the doggy head gear in the background lol
ooops forgot she was there bless her ,its coming off 2mo and the stitches out!!!
Its really pretty mariek, lovely for the summer, bet it looks really great when the light catches it.
Lovely items Marie - really like the kunzite. Enjoy your tourmaline too. Good wishes for doggy and healed stitches too xx
It's lovely, Scorps.

You know I have recently discovered I have a penchant for kunzite as we had a chat about it over at Rocks.tv. I actualy now prefer it to morganite!

I hope you really enjoy wearing it. The earrings are gorgoeus too.

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