ooh fashion for a fiver


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She does look rather matrony , is that a word? I don't care, I'm delirious with all the beautiful fashion bargains...ooo I can't choose, I need a sugar hit to cope.....I've seen it, the crinkle paisly skirt!
Loen just asked Lynne why she wasn't miked up and had her tourettes returned.....if you put me in that outfit I'd be swearing like a trooper!

I had a cami like that once, it didn't start out crinkled, I woke up in a skip and lo and behold, there was my on trend crinkle cami....I was ahead of my time, obviously:cool2:
Well you can get a cami for a fiver in Peacocks, and it doesn't have the £4.95 P & P. Totally ridiculous price for postage on a cami that weighs nothing. Their "fashion" buyer must have a weird sense of humour when deciding what to sell on IW.

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