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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
I've just had an email from Gems pushing an online Bingo company.
Not impressed, if iron fairies that look like they've got leprosy weren't bad enough, now I have embarrassing emails about an extremely tacky company coming from them.
I never thought of Gems as being this downmarket, but they obviously are.
I disapprove.
I think there was something about this before Pearly, then it all went very quiet, seems they've resurrected it!!!


Tacky Gems Bingo

Yes, they have tried this rubbish before. I think it was taken over by Crown Bingo, but am not 100% sure.

I agree that it is tacky but then with iron faeries, collectibles, handbags, gloves, scarves, kitchen sinks and all......

The road they are on must be very greasy because they are sliding downhill at mach 3!
Absolutely agree ... couldn't believe my eyes when I read the email.

There can't be much left for them to try ..... or can there? :33:
Very sad, but at least they've kept from plastering it all over the website this time.
Oh dear - I suppose a drowning man has to do what he must to survive. However, going downmarket of Price Drop smacks of the last few breaths to me. It's really sad to see a once excellent company pitching downhill so fast.

I protested about the Bingo "thing" when it was last introduced, to the Directors and to the sainted SteveA ....because I felt it was a move totally incompatible with a luxury business, while I do not appreciate the email notification of this, I won't be complaining offically.... because nowadays I couldn't care less. So much of the stuff is awful and the presentation on Gems now so tasteless that I can't raise the enthusiasm to care whether or not they are shooting themselves even more in the foot with this sort of daft project. So sad when I think of all the pretty things I and my friends, have had from Gems in the past. There may still be the odd item that deserves a flicker of interest, but overall the whole station is just disappointing.
I wouldn't expect to find flyers for a bookie in my local jewellers, why should I get this from Gems?

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