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Jun 29, 2008
Well I thought it would be nice to return my custom to TJC after my outrage last year at the refund process for a 3 piece ERP set that I bought, never arrived yet they still had the cheek to charge me for. (it took nearly 4 weeks and countless calls and emails for them to give me back MY money)

Anyway, I had my eye on a nice ring for my niece as a Christmas present, while browsing the website auction I also spotted a nice little pendant for her too so I popped it in my basket. Could I check out noooooooooooo, so I rang CS 5 times and got stuck in a queue, the Ring came on so I had to delete the pendant from my basket, could I check out the ring? Nooooooooooooooooo. Rang CS again and still got stuck in a queue, in the meantime a lovely FM gave me the email addie to TJC and I emailed them twice and still no joy so I tried to call them again, still stuck in a queue. :headbang:
I get up to check today and its gone from my basket.

They don't seem to have changed much from the incident last year.

I doubt I will be happy to spend my money with them quite so easily now.

I am fumming :angry::angry::angry::angry:
Ok I managed to get it back in my basket and after another email to TJC I managed to get a reply.

Just wait to see what happens.
I've never been able to get more than one item in my basket anyway even though there appears to be the option for 3 purchases. I have to say that TJC's web buying is very hit and miss and the account order history is a joke, they need to look at GEMS system and improve theirs along those lines. :pPC:

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