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Jul 5, 2008
Looking at QVC's website today I noticed this OTO item number 693645. I bought this item back in May during one of Honora's 10th anniversary shows. It was at a OTO price then but cheaper than it is being offered now as a OTO.
Now, I could well be wrong or it may be some additional T&C that I'm unaware of. But I thought the OTO price was the lowest price a product will ever be offered at? This is what it says on the QVC website re OTO's.

One Time Only
A One Time Only item is offered when a Today's Special Value is no longer available. This One Time Only Price is only valid for the length of the show the product is in, and is the lowest price QVC will ever offer for that item.

Ok, people who wish to buy will be getting it a OTO but I still think this is a little naughty of QVC. Although as a business I can see that it's offering it's customers a reduction. It still doesn't follow their own statement re OTO's.
Sorry, but your item number leads to a shades of necklace, not at an oto price, but an introductory price - £74+. Maybe I'm missing something. Did you mean 692421?
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That's interesting. When I posted my original post the item on the website definitely stated OTO price. Which did confuse me at the time. Only a couple of days earlier it was at the Introductory price you mention, (guess who's been obsessively looking for Honora items lol). Seems someone may have entered it as a OTO price and not IP.

Just checked QVC website and lots of items that where there earlier seem to have disapperead. Item 692421 which I mentioned on another thread at a OTO price seems to have been pulled. I could only retrieve the information via my orders.

Possibly they put the information up too early and worried they wouldn't have many items/offers by they time they came to air.
This one is at OTO price just now

Honora 4mm CFW Pearl 6 Strand 43cm Necklace Sterling Silver

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Bring the shimmering beauty of pearls to any look with this fabulous six-strand sterling silver necklace adorned with a host of cultured freshwater pearls. It's decorated with rice pearls and potato pearls measuring about 4mm - 4.5mm in shades of chocolate, pistachio, kiwi and plum. The necklace measures about 43cm (17") in length and secures with a sterling silver shackle clasp. The size, number, colour and shape of the pearls may vary.
Thank you Bluebell for posting the details.

I thought I was seeing things when it was there and then I couldn't find it.

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