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Jun 26, 2008
Been waiting for a NN duvet set that cost over a £100 so a bit miffid that
they have had my money for nearly 2 weeks and no delivery.
Made 3 phone calls
Call 1 = question, where's my NN
Answer = O this time of year it takes time....
Call 2 = question, where's my NN
Answer = sorry we can't trace them they seem to be lost.
Call 3 = question, where's my NN
Answer = They are marked as delivered and signed for,we will send you a form
ect ect.
It really is pointless ordering anything for Christmas if this is what it's like now,
I can just imagine pulling my hair out on Christmas eve waiting for stuff to arrive
from QVC.
I've got a couple of things that they say were posted on the 10th November and still no sign. Add to that two Leighton Denny products that simply didn't arrive in October and the postage from QVC is looking less and less reliable.

They are not exactly quick with the refunds either, still not had one for the October issue although they assure me it is forthcoming.

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