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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
I've received my orchild ring, and it's absolutely stunning - a true work of art:


And what about this great H Stern knockoff? (Ignore the price - the real price according to PS is £282.45.)


And here's the H Stern original - hey, a snip at $6,300.00!


So Gems can get it right - and their designs overall have improved markedly over the past year or so.
I'm totally jealous of your orchids Miss M, it's beautiful and having seen it aired was hoping for a lotter win (which I don't do - lol). I've seen a couple of the H. Stern "knock-offs" in an unnaturally bright lemon citrine and blue topaz - very disappointing as the under-galleries of diamonds were very unimaginative in design, unlike the green amethyst shown. xxxxxxxxx
Thanks Willow, Cherub and Argey!

Yes, I saw the blue topaz and lemon citrine versions, too, and they leave a lot to be desired. On the other hand, I do like this one, which is less like the original H Stern design but copies the concept:


(These pieces were in the online shop for a while, but for some reason have now disappeared; but I am a sad geek and had saved a link to them.)
I'm not so sure about those designs, it looks like a way to use up the badly windowed gemstones and charge more for them to me!
I like the H Stern copies - it's not often that you see a different type of design these days.

I prefer the orchid ring though - it's fab MissM.

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