On deal of day channel, looks v. Nice


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I've been waiting for it to come round Suzy, and my patience has been rewarded at last. It looks very pretty, I love the blue diamonds so I was already on-side really. Unusual design too, but I've no idea of value for money I'm afraid. xxx
me either, however it does have alot of sparkle, i prefer this design over the 1 i dumped i think, but it never fails to amaze me how different things appear on the tv, at one point i was contmplating whether gems had the ones on the tv enlarged lol... (other than the fact the tv screen is big).. they always appear to look larger in comparison (ratio) to the finger than what u get delivered ..lol.
The ladies are nearly all very petite Suzy, I have often wondered if that was a deliberate choice. For most of them the size N just swivels loosely around their middle finger. That was how I first noticed Adina's weight loss. Do you remember how she used to push them on and then do that awful gut-wrenching twist and yank to get them off again? :grin: No more. xx

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