OMG - TSV gone in 6 minutes!!!


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Yup! I was one of the loonies that was faster than a speeding bullet! I need tart warmers for my Darls tarts!
I wonder if that's a record. Although a really nice TSV makes a change.:D
Petpixie - well done for getting your tart burners then! :35:

Jasper - hope you also got the TSV if you were after it? :)
I didn't even get chance to deliberate.:8:

Oh, that's a shame! :(
Maybe worth ordering it on 'waitlist', on the off chance it was some sort of manufacturing mess up & they just couldn't get sufficient numbers in time for the show? You never know.....?
just looked at 12.39 and its still in stock, just put one in the basket and its gone through no problem, They have put jewellery so called hot picks on the home page crafty devils!!!!
I had it in my basket then removed it, although I thought the TSV was very pretty and good value I'm getting rather over run with tart warmers and just spotted one on Yankee doodle I would like, I could just imagine my son's face if 4 tart warmer arrived to join the merry throng!

at least it proves how 'live' the site is as its now showing in stock again, must be people emtying baskets. grab it now if you fancy it. remember though... want, need it can afford it?? worked for me last night as I avoided the smasbox tsv

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