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Jun 24, 2008
I see that Speed Auction are now using the old Bid-Tv number ending in 2000.

Now if for example someone who hasn't watched Bid-Tv for a while tunes in and likes something and buys it without noticing they have a new number as well, they will purchase whatever is showing on Speed Auction which more than likely they won't want!!

Why have sit up changed phone numbers on all 3 channels? To fool people i think....
They have also seemed to change their channel numbers on Sky.

A truly movable feast.

the sky shopping channels have been planed to change on the 21st of July for all shopping channels

The whole idea of doing so, was to allow more space in the Kids EPG, as there are more channels in the pipeline but wasn't any available space.

It will take a while to get use to but its not that difficult, seeing as some people don't even use the EPG number to find the channels anyway! :D

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