Ojon VS Philip Kingsley?


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Mar 18, 2009
Hello All

I bought the Ojon TSV the other week and I'm really impressed with it. I've also been tempted by Philip Kingsley in the past, but never indulged.

I just wondered if there's anyone out there who has used both brands, and if so, which do you rate more highly?
Oh gosh - tricky one! I've used both. The Ojon works for me when my hair is thoroughly dried out and in need of TLC. It makes it soft and silky and feels nice to the touch - however, if I use it too often it goes lank, so I really do reserve it for when my hair is feeling dried out (usually from too much colouring).

I've recently tried Philip Kingsley and seen great results from that too, it's not quite as intensive as Ojon for me - but it makes my hair feel like hair - bouncy and lifelike rather than weighed down. The products smell nice and, just as with Ojon, you need to use very little to get a good result. I can use this everyday without my hair going heavy.

Philip Kingsley for me therefore is a better everyday brand as much as I like Ojon - but still a bit too expensive for me to use all the time...(but I'm also a big fan of A'Kin shampoos and conditioners which I get from Tesco NutriCentre, 500ml bottles last me 8 months)
Ive used both and liked them both too, although i much prefer Philip Kingsley.

Shampoo and conditioner i use John Freida volume range, which has worked wonders on my fine lank hair.

Treatments ive used Philip Kingsley elasticer and Ojon Resoritive treatment and i prefered the Ojon.

Styling products...i discovered Philip Kingsley Weatherproof mousse and I wouldnt be without it, it gives my hair body and volume, I also use a wee spray of the GHD thermol protector.

I know its a wonder ive got any hair left lol.....the moral of my hair story is pick n mix
I've used both too and have to say that I think the Philip Kingsley products suit my hair much better. Ojon does leave it lovely and soft but my hair seems really lank no matter how little of the products I use.

Like Toadette, the PK Weatherproof Mousse is an absolute must for me and I hate to be without it. I buy it from a great seller on eBay and the service is first class.
Snap BL, I get my PK mousse from ebay too, I always have a spare one in the cupboard lol

I'd rather run short of C&P than my PK mousse lol
ojon is amore natural product but is oil based so will not suit everyone all the time...maybe using it when hair is really stressed. then use something lighter.
ojon works inside out and along with pure coconut oil is the only oil that will penetrate the hair shaft but you wil still need a good conditioner to seal the cuticle.
some people may only need to use it once a month as it is very deeply penetrating and is an oil...
me i can use it 4 times a week as i have naturally very dry,curly damaged hair a godsend for me.....
i would choose ojon over anything else.
Tia, are there any stockists for the Dess range in the UK? many thanks :1:xx
i would choose ojon over anything else.
Tia, are there any stockists for the Dess range in the UK? many thanks :1:xx

Jacques Dessange is a parisien/french chain of hairdressers, they have salons all over europe. My hairdresser in my native belgium belongs to this chain: the best haircuts ever (so much better than I had here, sorry ladies...:backward;)

I haven't found it here yet, but here is a link to the US site
I have fine colour treated hair. When Ojon first came to QVC I tried the thickening shampoo/conditioner and conditioning treatment. It did leave my hair feeling silky smooth and shiny. The shampoo/conditioner seemed ok, at first and then I noticed my hair, especially the ends became very dry indeed. Now I know colouring doesn't help but this was unusually dry. I tried an early TSV but had to return it. I really wanted my hair and scalp to like the range but it didn't.

First product I tried from PK was the Elasticizer and I've used it as my regular treatment ever since. I do have scalp problems and have found the scalp mask and scalp tonic very helpful. I also like the Preen cream. Might have to try the weatherpoof mousse now too :1:. I like the moisture balancing conditioner but I don't rate the shampoo's which I have tried and have never repurchased. For shampoo for my hair type I have found Kerastase to be the best for me.
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I've used Ojon, MOP, Aveda and Philip Kingsley and the range which has had the better long term results has been the Philip Kingsley.
My hair has the kind of body and bounce with his products that it had when I was 15. In his QVC
Progs they joke about 'sexy hair' but I have sexy hair!!!!!
I have both PK Elasticizer and O conditioning treatment and feel that Ojon is the luxury item compared to PK. I have never rated PK products personally but thats on my hair. If theres one thing that this forum shows, everyones different and what good for some is totaly opposite for others.
I have short colour treated hair, I put the Ojon treatment every week before going to water areobitcs. Wash it out after the class, and it does make your hair feel thicker more bounce to the onuce. (sp)

I have used PK long ago when he first appeared on QVC and bought a special priced kit. Full size shampoo and conditioner, hair tonic and three sachets of Elast. I enjoyed the kit I have to say. PK it based toward her hair texture fine, curly etc, Ojon is more the normal thick, rich etc. My favourite of the Ojon is the Shine Range, which Q never do as a TSV.

I remember the Daily Mail used to bring PK in to comment on haircare ranges and rate them every so often. He seemed to have this idea lots of brands had ingredients which they didn't need. This was high street brands Pantene etc by the way, he was very dismissive of the other brands and ranges. Also some of the high end ranges too Keis thing for a start. He kept on about hair is actually dead and all conditioners etc to is coat them to make them softer and shinier. He believed his wonder product was the toner which worked on the scalp.

I have a problem with many brands being too highly perfumed and making my head itch like mad. Not a good look scratching your head every five
mins.:11: So I l like more natural type brands which don't have extra fragrance added if possible. Using Kevin Murphy at the moment and really loving it. As I said before on ST.com I found a local Belfast hairdresser selling the range off at £2 a item and stocked up like mad.:1:
I agree with pretty much all of the above. PK is great in particular for problem scalps - just love the tonic and use every day - and the elasticiser really seems to strengthen the hair, so use at least once a week but the shampoos and conditioners I am not so fond of - they burn my scalp. Also adore all Ojon products - they gives body and gloss to my rapidly aging hair. Have to say I also use Philosophy Shear Splendor at least once a week just to keep my scalp on its toes so to speak. :53:
I love what Ojon does for my hair, I just hate the smell of chocolate/coffee ashtray on my hair! I use it occasionally now, but use Elasticizer as my main moisture treatment.

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