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Jun 24, 2008
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I got the last TSV on AD and am half way through the shampoo and conditioner (wash my hair every day). Just wondering what to try next as I will have run out before the next AD shipment - and I missed Saturday's shows.

My hair is very fine (although the Tawaka seems to make it thicker) and is past my shoulders, so can be a bit dry at the ends. Would the hydrating or the volumising range be best for me? Also, what do they smell like? Am guessing the Tawaka chocolate scent is unique to those products.

Alternatively, is there another brand I should look at? Cruelty and animal derivative free please. Thanks
I really like the Tawaka range.

Kevin Murphy is a range I really like, animal friendly no nasties either.
I have ordered from the UK website and they have deals on some shampoos and conditioners BOGOF too. Angel Wash is lovely to use.
I like the Tawaka range too, but my very favourite haircare is Kerastase.
I found the thickening range to be a bit drying on my hair when I tried it, I much prefer the hydrating range. That said, I do like the styling products from the thickening range: the thickening spray and the animated styling cream. I have just past shoulder length hair too and I get decent volume with these, without making my ends crispy.

I also love the revitalising mist, it's different to the spray treatment in the TSV. I spray this one onto my scalp when it's feeling dry, and sometimes as a leave in night time treatment too.
Thanks everyone - I think I will check out the Hydrating range and the Kevin Murphy one (plus REN when I get a chance). One good thing I've noticed with Ojon is I am losing less hair when I wash it - plug hole used to be full of it, now there are only a few strands every day!
I love Ojon - the Tawaka, hydrating and the shine sets.

I have never used Kerastase but it is always on my 30 year old niece's Christmas list and although I always buy it for her I have never bought any to try myself. She has beautiful glossy hair.

I wonder if next time there is a TSV will we get the Tunu cleanser and conditioner - it is the same range as the Tunu hair tamer which lasts an age and is very good.
My favourite (and I have tried all the Ojon range including the SWA and the Tunu S and C) - is the Ultra Hydrating. I also like Shine and Protect when my colour is new.
Classic Ojon S and C doesn't have the rich chocolately smell of the Twaks - but it does have a lovely Ojon aroma (no ashtrays at all) and UH is the most moisturising without being too heavy
The SWA has an Ojon smell mixed with an almost menthol scent and is quite invigorating.
The Tunu S and C didn't lather well for me

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