Oh the Perils of 'Stockpiling'...


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Jun 24, 2008
... yes I am one of the mad old cows who gets sucked in with a couple of quid off and falls for the sales pitch on 'stockpiling'.

I MUST try to stop this. I have today tried to use a new 150 ml Spit and Polish that came in a three part set. The whole top came away in my hand and there is no way to get the product out and even if there was it's exposed to the air.

It is past the 30 day MBG and I've used one of the other products up. I have returned it to Liz Earle. I've said that I don't expect a refund or replacement as I did not buy it from her site but perhaps they need to check these ones - there was a problem a while ago with 100ml pumps.

I haven't even bothered to contact QVC - just far to much bother.I can hear them now - 'past guarantee period, not all of items left, etc etc etc...
I'm guessing you can't get the cleanser out now, in which case you SHOULD contact CS as they flogged you a defective product (and encourage us to stockpile regularly by telling us the shelf life).
Definitely contact the seller so QVC as it is their responsibility. I had two cans of spray tan some time ago and used the large one straight away but forgot about the smaller one. When I went to use it was faulty. Contacted QVC and they sorted.

My worst sin on stockpiling is that I sometimes forget to even open the box for ages to check the contents. Pretty dumb as I have had things damaged in transit or incorrect item in box.....
Stockpiling??? I do not understand this word. ;)

Seriously, the possibility of faulty or damaged products is always at the back of my mind when I see my stockpile. I can't remember where or when I bought half the stuff hidden in the wardrobe so returning items would be very difficult.
I once had a Eye repair which I brought in a TSV but when I used it a few months later it didn't pump properly. I rang Liz Earle, the CS sent me a new one, which I got the next day, along with a freebie. So you might get a replacement.
I started to get a bad reaction to spot on and LE refunded me for two of them, one was unused and the other half used. LE customer service is excellent.
i recently moved in with my boyfriend and so had to go through boxes of product unopened, new (but a couple of years old) and realising that i do not use the ranges had to throw masses away...tried to donate as much as possible but there was just masses of it. the only good thing is that i realised i was throwing money away, and i have repulsed myself by how stupid i have been. i hardly qvc now as i am so annoyed with myself. just get lots of good tips and pointers on here and then check out the website, which so far has managed to curb my spending and gullibility.
Where do you all keep your "stockpiles"? - am trying to use up all mine before purchasing anything else.
^^Mine are strewn about across my bedroom floor.

Possibly not the way to go but at least it saves me countless hours looking for stuff ! :34:
Where do you all keep your "stockpiles"? - am trying to use up all mine before purchasing anything else.

I was thinking about starting a thread asking where or how everyone kept their stockpiles.
Do you keep one brand together or do you keep all hand creams together, all cleansers together etc?
Mine are in a shelved wardrobe cupboard and really I could put it to better use for its intended use :D
In the wardrobe like most of you - I am surprised we have enough room for clothes with all the stash of goodies in the bottom!!!!

The problem is we see the items as a good bargain and although we already have some it might not be so cheap next time we actually need some. The problem is there is always another tsv or bargain before we need any.

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