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Tanzanite Flasher!
Sep 19, 2009
As anyone who is regular on Rocks TV may know, I have broken three bones in my foot and am stuck at home with nothing but a laptop and the TV for company...... have just turned onto TJC for the first time in an age and am being tortured by the prettiest tanzanite....

Hide my credit card!
Poor you Nikki hope your foot heals soon! now if your a Tanzy lover DO NOT watch TJC your credit card may never recover lol IMHO their Tanzy is leaps and bounds above everyone elses.
Ah that's interesting gemcherus - have a look at my new post on Rocks forum!

I have just read your post on Rocks and i would say when it comes to Tanzy you always get what you pay for regarding colour, clarity and cut as TJC are a site holder they have the most amazing Tanzy but yes the high end especially Rhapsody will be more expensive but they are the most Vivid deep colours and also TJC do IGI certified stones as well which will always give you piece of mind as to what you are getting.
Hope that helps a little but i'm sure Meeshoo will explain things better than me lol
Awww NikkiS sorry to hear about your foot. Who did you kick? :giggle:

Watching TJC is torture just now! They have so many beautiful pieces that I could easily have remortgaged my house and bought loads of them! I personally think you need some retail therapy though - always makes me feel better!
Don't watch TJC Nikki you will be bankrupt!! I speak from experience ....

I have a yummy cushion cut tanzy from TJC's Iliana range, but I have to say the recent platinum set trilliant I got from RocksTV is a comparable colour - both lovely deep blue.

The Rhapsody Tanzy's that have been showing this weekend though, have been something else - my CC has been stuffed firmly to the back of the cupboard!

Hope the foot is healing - maybe a little retail therapy is in order :cheeky:
I'm merely going to echo Gemcherub. IMVHO TJC have the best grade Tanzanite at the best prices. As GC has already said, TJC are sight holders at Tanzanite One and therefore are obligated to buy a certain amount of Tanzanite. They obviously will keep a large proportion of the best gems for themselves but they do sell on. I know that certain other jewellery outlets (TV/High Street) buy Tanzanite from them!

If I were looking for a top grade Tanzanite in a great design with graded diamonds and a good gold weight/platinum weight, for a sensible price, TJC would be where I would look.

The Tanzy used in Rhapsody is the best. Some of the Iliana pieces are phenomenal too.

When you're looking at a top grade Tanzy make sure you see what it looks like while being held by the presenter but then also when it's on the hand. You sometimes find that a Tanzy looks scrumptious when being held (so light can get to the gem from all angles) but when it's put on the finger, the Tanzy becomes too dark.

You may find that if you want to buy an item for over £500 (I think), the item will only be available to phone buyers. If it's under £500 you can put it in your basket BUT the basket automatically empties overnight so unless you check out, you will lose the item. One other thing to note is that if you put items in your basket and don't check out (on a regular basis) I believe they will stop your account. So only add to your basket if you really want it.

Thanks meesh, that's handy to know. I am keeping my eyes peeled for a good size tanzy cos the quality is clearly excellent! Trouble is, you pay for it and I am not sure I can afford it!!

N x
Just made my first ever TJC purchaswe 1.05 ct illiana tanzy necklace, looks v pretty!

Checked it our immediately - now tempted by iliana pink sapphire!! eeek!

n xxx
Well done NikkiS I bet your foot feels better already!

I'm sitting here totally drooling over these Tanzy pieces and gemstones. OMG they are absolutely gorgeous! I'm now sitting on my hands and hubby's scared to go to bed and leave me alone with my credit card close by! Never mind, he'll give in and go eventually ha ha!
I'm back watching again this morning and sighing over the huge tanzy rings - thank goodness I KNOW I can't afford them!!
My sympathies, Nikki! They've had some beauties over the past few days. The only reason I've resisted is that I've already spent my 'tanzanite budget' on a loose stone and I took it to be set yesterday... I hope once I've got the ring on my hand it will stop me wanting to buy something else!

Some hope!


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