Oh my goodness they rang me !


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Jul 14, 2008
North London
I used the E mail addy given on here for the top man,and I complained about not recieving my order since it was placed on 1st October, and that I had rung them etc etc as we all do, and said I wanted it resolved by the end of the week, and within 1 hour !!!!!! they rang me,a lady said sorry and I could have a refund, and she sent a e mail with the form on to send them saying I had not received it and thats that, well I am amazed !! thank you for putting that e mail on here,it worked !!:muscle:
They rang me too!!!! TWICE!!!!! So communication is obviously still an issue. But I did get the result I wanted, although I did tell the first caller that they need to get their act together and that their phone charges were outrageous!
They rang me too!

Yes, I emailed Graham yesterday evening with details of the problem I had a few months ago and this morning received a phone call from IW's Head of Customer Service who apologised and explained that they are making a big effort to improve their customer service. We chatted about the strengths and weaknesses of Ideal World, so hopefully this more positive approach will bring about much needed improvements. I may well even start ordering again!

Thank you very much Graham.
I also received a phone call from the head of IW customer services, thanks to Graham's intervention I must add!
However, an apology was given to me about the "coffee beans that never were" and I have to say that I do believe in the sincerity of the person I spoke to and a genuine desire to improve upon their customer services was made quite clear to me. Lets just hope that the new initiative is passed down to the staff eh?

Thanks again Graham,
hI Joyla,

I am very pleased that Head of CS rings up to say sorry. I am sure that he is sincere and meant it. IW wants to improve the CS etc etc this is good news for everyone!

My view is that it wasn't a CS problem to begin with; it's more to do with the procurement (buyers) not paying their suppliers. IW took your order and your money (TWICE) IW attempt to place the order on the supplier, the order was not processed because of issues. That’s why, in my opinion, you didn't get your goods! Hence no explanation from IW on your disappearing beans!
Other TV channels say “we only sell what we have in stock”, “QVC say that we are sold out and we will put you on waiting list or advance order and will not take your money until the goods are in stock”.
My opinion is that IW should adopt best practice and follow QVC and other TV channels approach and only take orders for goods that have in stock and can supply!

I am sorry if I sound negative, I am very pleased that you have your money back.
IW has gone to great lengths to engage with this forum. I just think IW is being disingenuous about their internal problems that manifest with CS non delivery or late delivery of orders


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