Oh lord, they've changed the automatic ordering system !


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Jun 27, 2008
I've just ordered a pair of shoes on the old "In First" number and been subjected to the new "improved" system.A chirpy young woman explains the process in words of one syllable for idiots then says you can speak the colour or size instead of pressing buttons.Unfortunately it didn't work--maybe I haven't got the right accent--so she went through a tedious process."For size 3 press one,to hear this again press 2,to move on press 3."The next move takes you to size 4,and so it continues---I'm size 7 so was spitting feathers by now! Then you have to listen to a list of the extra special offers before they take your card details,then there's another spiel about getting your order details confirmed by text or e-mail and by the end of all this it's taken about five minutes.What was wrong with the old system with the nice chap saying" Welcome back to In First" and getting through it all in about a minute or so .GRRRR---I HATE "new and improved".If it ain't broke,don't fix it.

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