Now even your furniture can be 'on trend' too!


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Mar 7, 2009
Beaded poncho thing on the Dreamkeeper hour, this one:

(Yes, that's right ladies, 81 quid for a decorated net curtain!) :11:

Guest just said that when you take it off, don't put it away, drape it over a table & put a pot plant in the middle of it, so now even your furniture can be 'dressed up' too! :11:
(Apart from the cost, the thing is so flimsy.......yep, 81 quid down the drain if/when/should it catch on something whilst draped over a table......!) :11:
Hope they all go to cat free homes. Mine would have it shredded within minutes.

You think it would last minutes.......? :11:
Well actually, yes, you could be right I s'pose - gotta give kitty a minute or so to peer at it suspiciously from a safe distance (might be dangerous! lol) before pouncing! :D
Wow, now I've seen it all

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