Not doing well with jewellery this year


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Jun 25, 2008
Yet another item to return...well the envelope, the bag, the tissue and the anti tarnish bit really. The silver necklace can't be returned as it wasn't in with all the other stuff!.

Have to say the polybag is not a new one, the tissue had certainly been unwrapped and rewrapped....and as far as I can remember it was a new item on showing.

So now I am adding this to the list for the year of carp stuff that I like, but is faulty

2 floating pearl necklaces - one the link fell off, and the other one falls to the articulated silver piece that doesn't sit flat...a pretty kirks folly brooch that was a return, looks grubby and cherub wings bent and now this. Should really just stop requesting things, cos it sure isn't my year!
I'd give up buying from QVC and buy from Warrington, where at least you can see the flaws before you buy and don't pay postage.

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