not as many as i would of liked the gremlins got the rest... lol


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Jun 24, 2008
I have had a few gremlins in the basket this week so only 3 came home !!!! all being well the rest will follow

lemon quartz pendant ,love the size and colour of this im now a true convert, so had to hae earrings to match ,so soz im awful at pics, now i need a ring any suggestions ???
got the pearl earrings for mom for her xmas cracker ,but id like them so we will see .......
And a pic of the "alien " ring, sits nice onhand sister now has it ...


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Lovely pieces Marie. Have the alien ring and wear it a lo. Hope you receive your other goodies soon.
The lemon quartz pendant was one of 12 items I received today & I have to say the star of the lot. The stones are so vibrant they are almost juicy!
Lovely pieces Marie - lemon quartz is such a "cheery" gem. I can't let you off with the pics though - they're just about as bad as mine!! :Laughing1:
Fab stuff Marie.......I would say that coz my LQ pendant should be with me tomorrow!!lol

The earrings match beautifully,good choice,and the pearl ones for your mum I wear loads,she will love 'em.

I have been considering the alien ring but keep filling me basket with other stuff......damn Rocks!!!!:54:

Enjoy them all xxxxx
Lovely pieces Marie - lemon quartz is such a "cheery" gem. I can't let you off with the pics though - they're just about as bad as mine!! :Laughing1:

:54: you mean you cant see the colour ,cut and clarity thru my pics !!!!!! gutted i am klos am trying
Nice pieces Marie, can't understand what KB meant about you piccys...they're perfect compared with mine!! (Hence why no-ones seen any of my buys lately....not even OH lol)
Lovely pieces Marie, I must admit Lemon Quartz has surprised me, its so nice. I now need a ring (not HUGE) and earrings in silver to match my stuff lol

Alien ring? hahahaha, what a name. Its been on tonight, very very unusual, I bet lots of people will comment on that.

Lovely earrings for your mums cracker too :1:
I'm not usually a yellow person, but I love the lemon quartz. Another to add to the list!

The alien ring is so unusual - I like it. I think they had the matching pendant on yesterday afternoon and it went for a song. You definitely need the pendant marie! lol
Lovely pieces Marie, and even tho your picture of the Pearly Sputnik (as I like to call it) is a tad blurry, it really does look so much better IRL.

Lovely haul, I bought a similar pendant to that alien ring, I call it the spider pendant :D.

Love your lemon quartz pendant in particular :thumbsup:.
I've got that lemon quartz pendant Mariek - love it - I only do dangly earrings so have a problem finding ones to go with it - silver ones best, I think, with a sort of filigree design to go with the metalwork...I got it to go with my lemon quartz ring YK483 - huge, but looks almost edible! There's another on CR site, XK522 - different shape, but still big...I don't normally go for yellow, but it's a nice fresh colour. Also if you wear the pendant with a bright coloured top, the colour shines through the stone...

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