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Jun 24, 2008
Northern Nights TSV for goodness sake. It's safe to go to bed girls and boys......snuggled up under your NN I hope! :54:
I just checked in... dull dull dull. Do they think we all own country houses and need limitless bedding and pillows?
Best bit was when whats-her-name NN lady announced beamingly that the pillows were washable, though they would then need to be tumble-dried for, wait for it..........4 or 5 hours!!!
Whaaaat? Are they barmy? I can just about afford the leccy bill now! :11:
More Northern nights oh no and most of the day on QVc is well boring!!! NN and card crafting and fashion!! won't be switching on today. Just needs to rain now as it always seems to rain on a tuesday and on QVC the tv guide is always as dry as a bone!
Two blooming pillows, is that the best they can come up with. How boring is that. The price is alarming too. What a boring TSV.

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