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Jul 9, 2008
Any ideas what its going to be on Monday?

Haven't bought anything apart from a feather bed, i wonder if the bedding is worth getting (apart from the flannel of course!:eek:)?
We love ours- it's one of the 100% Egyptian cotton sets. We can't believe that we put up with horrible poly/cotton ones for over 25 years.

If it's Egyptian Cotton I think you should go for it. :)
I've had some of their pillows (can't remember which ones, but not the most expensive) and I'm really pleased with them. They wash well and are easy to shape up again.

Their bedding feels lovely but it definitely needs ironing, despite what they say on the shows. I only iron the pillowcases for our bed :eek:

I had one disaster - I bought a clearance set and put it away for quite some time. When I went to use it the sheet was a double rather than a king size - I spent ages trying to get the sheet to fit every which-way :rolleyes: Should have tried it straightaway so my own fault.
Is the bedding worth the expense? I have some Dorma which i really like, can anyone compare them for me?
I have Dorma as well which is good but my Northern nights 300+ thread count,Egytian cotton 300+ thread count,feather bed,pillows and flannel beats it by a mile IMO. I wash them all at 60 degrees and all fine except for my Egyptian cotton fitted sheets, they shrunk slightly but i can still use them. The Egyptian cotton gets softer the more you wash them. Luckily i've never had any problems with flannel which is just like a big cuddle at bedtime.The only thing i would advise is with feather beds you really have to shake them daily for them to keep their loft and i would advise a memory foam mattress underneath(mines is a Silentnight memory foam mattress) this is just heaven. Linda
Can't stand the featherbeds as they go flat - and the feathers move - despite buying one that supposedly didn't

But the high thread count sheets are heaven - bought the 400 count TSV and its so smooth and soft. There are plain though - I've others in dobby(?) weave and they aren't as smooth and therefore not as comfortable.
im an egyptian cotton fan too, i have two sets of the timeless stripe which was on 4xeasypay the other day.

it DOES get better with wear, if you dont iron it, its quite soft and cuddly almost like flanel. but if you do iron it then its all crisp and hotel-like like an expensive shirt. i dont find the same with the non-egyptian NN stuff so the egyptian is on my bed the most.
Is the bedding worth the expense? I have some Dorma which i really like, can anyone compare them for me?

In the past i have had Dorma, but if you look Dorma is not always 100% cotton.

Correct me if i am wrong though.

To compare them, for me Northern Nights is far far better, the Monte Carlo set was so gorgeous, i am going to buy another set, i cannot tell you how soft this is to sleep in.

I have had the dobby weave as well and although nice, it was not as comfortable as the plain weave.
I have got to be onhest I prefer the cotton ones, with the higher thread count, bought a flannel one some time ago, and it ended up with lots of small bobbles, rang cs, and they collected and refunded, not bought another one since,.
I have two sets of the Egyptian cotton king size. I also bought the flannel sheets and I put one underneath my cotton sheet in the winter and it's really cosy.
I found the flannel to bobble as well, although it was comfy and soft, just not worth it for the bobbles that did happened, quite soon as well. Shame.
Shame it wasn't a bedding set today, but as LP said, there's another TSV later this month, so it may be that time. You never know your luck in a raffle eh?!:D
Ended up getting the Summer Suprise from last night, seamed quite reasonable at 20 quid off! :eek:

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