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Jul 26, 2008
Have just received some Northern Nights bedding, was over the moon as delivery was much faster than usual. Opened the parcel and my excitement turned to disappointment. Thay have sent the wrong size.:mad:

At the moment so many things are being sent out incorrectly, damaged or just not working. Is it just me feeling this way:confused:
I had a couple of those tencel blanket/ throws and they are smaller than i wanted but will be warm in winter as an extra layer. I had one set that had the fitted deep sheet and i ordered the double size as its only me on my own and the cats :eek: but it wouldnt fit the mattress so i always buy king size now.
Unfortunately I know the feeling. A great disappointment and the frustration in having to sort the error out makes you want to weep at times.:mad:
They are getting so bad, I ordered a Northern Nights set a month or so ago and they sent me one of those awful comforter sets! Took about 3 weeks to get the right item in the end, I ordered a pair of Markons as well about 3 weeks ago in a size 7 and then sent me an 8!

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