No 'QVC Christmas' this year?


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Jun 24, 2008
I'm suprised they're still on air, usually by now they're showing a loop of the best bits of the year followed by a blooper reel and returning on the 26th. Anyone know why they're broadcasting over christmas this year?
I received an email relating to Christmas shopping.

Re: Christmas Day, they said:

Web-only Clearance Christmas Day
We might not be live on TV today but you can still find bargains with web-only deals on, plus tune-in to QVC for specially recorded sale items from midday on Christmas Eve through to 9am Boxing Day!

You are right that in the past they have stopped the live programmes at midday on Christmas Eve.
I'm guessing that its partly that business is bad and partly curiosity to see if they sell anything and haven't been missing a trick.
Ideal World TV are also selling on Christmas day, although it is prerecorded.
Obviously the credit crunch is hitting them hard, so it's a way they can increase revenue.
Shame i miss the Christmas bloopers too!
Surely they can't expect to sell more of this dodgy clearance stuff by putting it on a loop ad nauseum over Xmas?! Personally I would have thought they'd do better financially speaking to do their standard Xmas show & bloopers as an effort to increase customer identification with the presenters. That's the main basis of their success, isn't it?! Just a thought...

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