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Jul 25, 2008
The screen froze then kicked me out :(

can anyone access the site at the moment?

I had placed a bid but now I've no idea what is happening .....:eek:
It keeps doing the same to me! I have put a bid on the earrings but have had problems getting back on. When I did get back on I could no longer bid :( Only to be expected at the begining though, A brilliant idea though, I'm sure it will do well, once we can all bid :)
I can't even bid! I can load the site, hit the bid button and I get taken back to the screen saying I'm logged in sucessfully. Such a shame as I really fell for some earrings earlier.
At least I know I'm not the only one having problems with the bidding. I must admit I got fed up with it and decided to take another look tonight. Some peeps got some good bargains - well done to them.

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