Nice to see Derek back after his holidays :)


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Hi All

Just thought I would say its so nice to see Derek Marks back after his holiday. He looks refreshed as well. Keep up the good work Derek you have alot a fans out there that love you.

Nice tan Derek. Everyone from ST.Com love u

Julie xxx

I was wondering where he was - was starting to worry - ahhh, we can look forward to seeing him on our screens soon then! Lovely! xxxxx:happy::grin::up2:
He's such a sweetie isn't he. Just caught a few minutes of him as I was flicking through the channels before bedtime last night.

Every time I see him, I instantly think of Julie and wonder if she is watching!!!
hi all,

it is nice to be back too - thank you lovely Julie as always :)

i'll be back on lates Wednesday and Thursday from 10-2 and on Friday 6-10

hope to catch you then with more tales of andaluthhhhhheeeiiiia (home of andalusite)

derek :)

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