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Feb 8, 2009
Hi everyone,

I stumbled across this website and forum yesterday afternoon, and became instantly addicted, sad that I am I was trawling through the posts until I went to bed last night. You are all hugely entertaining, informative and great fun. So many of my questions have been answered, esp re MP, MB and AY :32: Glad it's not just me who's getting cynical about QVC, although it's been a long time coming, I've shopped with them on and off from their launch. Anyway I waffe, just wanted to say hi

Welcome to the mad house Vikki - you will be kept busy chatting here and also you will need a big wallet as they are always finding new bargains and offers for things you never knew you needed - in fact I think they are better at selling than the presenters on QVC.:BIGHUG:
Thanks everyone :) sadly Bears are not my thing so QVC not on at the mo, but there is a decleor show on later lol
Hi Vikki. Welcome to the forum. It's a great place to get all your niggling questions answered and make some brilliant cyber-friends. Enjoy your time with us, but as Momma said, you'll get nothing done now.;)
Welcome Vikki. You just need your 'gold star' and you can enter the whole forum if you like.

Welcome Vikki, I haven't been here long myself but it seems like i've been here for years with the tips and secrets and better places to buy... This forum has saved me a fortune! (but it has also had me buying tsvs I wouldnt normally have done).

Have fun.
Hi Vikki! Glad that you found us but you have been warned this site is very addictive but fun!

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