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I just left feedback and was asked a lot of questions about my age , income etc .
Is this to try and put people off posting negative feedback ?
Just done my first review and now being asked to:

Take our 5-minute Influencer Study Survey

Was that what you got Pinkearplugs?

It says, "You are invited to participate in a nationwide syndicated study of online reviewers by KellerFay, a national research firm. Your participation in this brief online survey is anonymous, and the aggregate results will help us better serve our customers."
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Looked through it and I'm pretty sure thats the one: They are just doing market research on the type of person who leaves feedback and where they leave it...places like here I guess. Will you be the kind of person who spreads the information to others or if your only leaving feedback but don't talk to anyone about it otherwise. Whether your a feedbackaholic!

Particularlly like the way they ask if your intouch with any "real" people as opposed to living in cyberspace.
Those questions were very intrusive. I think that Fanny, Freddy and the other American corporations have got the wind up :32:

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